Murder – Madness – Mayhem!

The axe has fallen on 2021 submissions

Now we have the difficult task of selecting the program. Which films will be in and will receive our classic Haunted House FearFest Laurel. AND, who will win the coveted GRIM REAPER AWARD?

The 2022 festival will be held at THE IDLE DRAPER (Commonly known as the Bone Idle) on 18th & 19th March. The 2021 Beer & Fear Festival T-shirt will be available on TEEPUBLIC shortly.

We ran the 2021 festival online. Our partners XERB.TV in the venture supported us all the way and helped make the festival a success. So we will continue online this year, with the online part of the festival running from 18th – 27th March 2022.

So why not join us? Like and share us on our social media pages in the sidebar and even look at the merchandise on offer, pick-up something horribly nice for the weekend!