Murder – Madness – Mayhem!

Submissions for 2022 are now open

Haunted House FearFest is about grass-roots independent film-making. Celebrate the fun of bone-chilling horror and violence. Our aim is to scare the shit out of the inhabitants of that old Northern City in the UK called Bradford once the COVID nightmare is over. 

Taking into consideration the horrors that 2020 brought us, we ran the 2021 festival online. XERB.TV our partners in this venture, supported us all the way and helped make the festival a success.

As we look towards 2022, the doors to submissions commence on 1st April 2021 on FILMFREEWAY. We have our classic Haunted House FearFest Laurel for winners, semi-finalists and selected films, along with our much loved GRIM REAPER AWARD.

We are hopeful that a cut-down version of the 2021 festival can be held at THE IDLE DRAPER (Commonly known as the Bone Idle). Thus we can keep our Beer & Fear alive and well.

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