The Venue

The Park Hotel (Morecambe)​

The Park Hotel has a long and complicated history, the land was first purchased in 1843, but do to countless problems and complications the Pavilion was not completed until 1851 and the company when bankrupt in 1865. The Park Hotel endured good and bad times, mishaps and mismanagement, debt and deaths. From 1982 the property never really recovered and has been closed for extended periods leaving it derelict over a 10-year period. Thanks to Martin Shenton, the doors have once again been opened for Murder Mystery events and Paranormal Investigations, though its past still haunts it, we believe that this is the perfect backdrop to the Haunted House FearFest.

The Park History

Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Bay is a large estuary in the Northwest of England,  just to the south of the Lake District National Park. It is the largest expanse of inter-tidal mudflats and sand in the United Kingdom, covering a total area of 310 sq km (120 sq mi). In 1974 the second largest gas field in the UK was discovered 25 miles (ca. 40 km) west of Blackpool, with original reserves of over 7 trillion cubic feet (200 billion cubic metres). The bay is notorious for its quicksand and fast moving tides. On the night of 5 February 2004, at least 21 Chinese immigrant cockle pickers drowned after being cut off by the tides. This tragedy led to a call that the cockle beds should be closed until improved safety measures could be introduced.

Arial shot of Morecambe Bay