Festival 2021

XERB Virtual Theatre

From March 12th - 21st 2021


  • PRESS & PREVIEW SESSION – An insight into what’s on offer at the festival.

  • 6 Sessions of Feature Films

  • 7 Sessions of Short Films – Ranging from 1 – 60 minutes in length.

  • Awards Session (free to view) – Featuring the semi-finalist & winners for 2021



Click the white links here to meet up with filmmakers and the festival team any time.

Official Meetings:

Snap up a ticket. Grab a cold one. Find a safe space and join us at Haunted House FearFest 2021 for some thrills, chills and blood spills.


The Semi finalist in the Under-5 minutes category are:

Death Metal – The Devil’s Dice – Lady In the Water – Milk

And the winner is THE DEVIL’S DICE by Matt Brothers

The Semi finalist in the Under-10 minutes category are:

Enchanted – Household Demons – Mr. Mops – Rachel

And the winner is ENCHANTED by Andrea R. Ciobanu

The Semi finalist in the Under-15 minutes category are:

Bloodshed – Dead End (USA) – Overkill – White Wolf Zombie Killer

And the winner is DEAD END by Cullen Paul Wright

The Semi finalist in the Under-20 minutes category are:

Frank & Mary – I Dare You – Lekaime – Siren

And the winner is FRANK & MARY by Paul Williams

The Semi finalist in the Under-60 minutes category are:

Cruel Tale, Cruel Friday – Hokum – Seance – The Tell Tale Heart

And the winner is THE TELL TALE HEART – McClain Lundquist

The Semi finalist in the BEST FEATURE category are:

Bad Candy – The Mare – The Stairs – Vise

And the winner is THE STAIRS by Peter ‘Drago’ Tieman

The Overall winner award 2021 goes to

N’Cee Van Heerden for his film O.I.

Candidates for Best Director are:

Bad Candy – Enchanted – Household Demon – O.I.

And the winner is HOUSEHOLD DEMON by John Gray

Candidates for Best Cinematography are:

Bloodshed – Dead End – Internal Requiem – Vise

And the winner is BLOODSHED by Paulo Mancini & Daniel Watchorn

Candidates for Best Editing are:

Household Demon – Seance – Shadow at the Door – Vise

And the winner is VISE by Yasuhiko Shimizu

Candidates for Best Music are:

The Babysitter – Double Dream – The Hearse Song – Paint

And the winner is PAINT by Luca Eiberger

Candidates for Best Script are:

Bad Candy – Frank & Mary – The Mare – Peter the Penguin

And the winner is BAD CANDY by Scott Hansen & Desiree Connell

Candidates for Best SFX are:

Bad Candy – I Dare You – The Other Side – White Wolf: Zombie Killer

And the winner is THE OTHER SIDE by Damian Alpizar
Candidates for the Best Actor are:

Steven Blades – Dead End (UK)
Danilo Celli – Double Dream
David Troughton – Frank & Mary
Adam Korson – The Stairs

And the winner is STEPHEN BLADES – Double Dream

Candidates for the Best Actress are:

Melissa Dawe – Dead End (USA)
Andreina Cavo – Home
Carmen Paz – Lekaime
Pilar Amores – Milk

And the winner is PILAR AMORES – Milk

Candidates for Best Comedy are:

Death Metal – The Devil’s Dice – Frank & Mary – OverKill

And the winner is DEATH METAL by Chris McInroy

Candidates for Best Animation are:

Behind the Right Door – The Hearse Song – Literally Hell – Welcome to Darkmoor

And the winner is LITERALLY HELL by Robert Poller

Quality Kill – White Wolf: Zombie Killer

Most Gore – The Performance Chef

Best Villian – OverKill

Biggest Shock – The Killer of Grassy Ridge _____________________________________________________