2019, our first year is over and it has been an interesting year. The festival was a success and we are looking forward to the next. 

Thanks to all who took part, assisted in the Haunted House FearFest.


It is mainly about the films, but the venue offers so much more. There are a number of features that we intend to included in the festival. I mean it’s not everyday you get to watch horror movies in a haunted hotel!

BAR: A full licensed bar is open throughout the festival and a has a range of beers, wines and dare I say it ‘Spirits’ to suit all tastes. We are very fortunate to have the Lancaster brewery¬† ‘Accidental Brewery’. produce a specially crafted ale for the festival.

PALM READER: If you need to know your future, whether as a festival winner or a winner in love this is something that will be available to you. (TBC)

GUIDED TOUR: By arrangement with the management, you are invited to find out about the history of one of the oldest buildings in Morecambe and how it came to be haunted.

ROUND TABLE/PANEL DISCUSSIONS: There will be one panel discussion on each of Saturday and Sunday during the afternoon. Details will be posted shortly.

Anthony Straeger
Festival Director

Martin Shenton
Venue Director

Iwan Romanow
Assistant Director