Haunted House FearFest is about grass-roots independent filmmaking. Celebrating the crack of bone and spill of blood. We aim to bring independent filmmaking to the City of Bradford and scare the crap out of them. But for this, we need to invite filmmakers with a twisted mind and a mean streak to join us.

We want to share our love of horror and all of its sub-genres including; Giallo, Über violence, Monsters, Psychos and Supernatural. From nerve-shredding drama to blunt force trauma. Any film, including music videos, experimental and documentaries, as long as it features terror and blood – We want it!

The next live event is scheduled to take place in March 2021. But the event will also take place online with XERB.TV – details will follow as the global situation unfolds.

Team & Jury

Anthony Straeger
Festival Director

Iwan Romanow
Festival Assistant
(Sound Recordist)

Jimmy Emmett
Venue Proprietor
(Horror Fan)

Martin Shenton
Festival Associate
(Stunt Coordinator)

Has been the entertainment industry for over 40 years, both as an actor, filmmaker and writer. With a passion for horror and Sci-fi, I’ve written many short and feature scripts. The Haunted House FearFest is the culmination of his love of the genre and indie filmmaking

Hails from the Ukraine, but has now resided in Berlin for several years. He has studied media and met ony  the set of Mission Backup Earth where he was involved in the sound department Theylater worked on Anthony Straeger’ production of Fotoautomat Man.

Jim owner and creator of Idle village’s first micro pub. It is built over 2 floors in the former premises of the former Briggs Drapers and sells craft ales, ciders, lagers and fine wines. He is pleased to have been able to give a home to Haunted House Fearfest.

Martin covers all aspects of stunt work within the film industry. He is also has a SAG mominating. He has worked with over 100 different screen and stage directors over the years. he is an Ex PTI and Army bodyguard, A 5th Dan Master and a national Tae Kwon.


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